The goal of this project was to build a mobile web app that would allow airline passengers to connect their personal devices to the inflight entertainment system. Passengers would then be able to control the seat-back screen using their personal device. I worked primarily on the front-end of the web app using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
I was hired at Thales as an Android software engineer shortly before working on this project. The company did not have a front-end web developer so I volunteered to help out, and ended up being the sole front-end developer of the app. Though I had little experience doing web development, I was interested in learning more about it.
Upon first navigating to the website, the user would be prompted to navigate on their seat-back screen to the Personal Entertainment Device connection page, on which a 4-digit pin code would appear. The user would then enter the 4-digit pin code on their personal device. 
If the connection was successful, the user would be directed to the main page of the app which featured a D-pad for them to use to navigate the GUI of their seat-back screen. There was also a settings page accessible from a hamburger menu that allowed the user to change the volume and brightness of their seat-back screen. 
When the user played a movie or music on the seat-back screen, the web app would automatically display a contextual remote for the type of media being played. When the user launched a game on the seat-back screen, the web app would display a game controller.
The front-end communicated with the IFE system through the use of APIs and a WebSocket connection.