The goal of this project was to design a demo of an Inflight Entertainment GUI for the sales team at Thales to use to pitch to prospective customers at trade shows. The demo needed to look beautiful and futuristic, and needed to include features that would "wow" the prospective customer. I worked with another designer at Thales on this project.
We started by creating a user persona of someone who would use the system - a sophisticated businessman who always traveled in business class and enjoyed red wine. One of the features our system would offer is a personalized user experience, so we added content that would be tailored to our user persona. For example, a tile on the home page suggests the user check out the wine selection.
After several rounds of meetings with stakeholders, we finally settled on the final designs and began creating a high fidelity prototype of the demo including animations and transitions using the prototyping tool Principal. See video below for a snippet of the final prototype.