The Family Support Center is a nonprofit organization based in Utah. They hired me to give their website a face-lift. The main goals of this project were to redesign the homepage to make it more eye-catching and evoke more emotion, to simplify and restructure the menu structure in the header, and to redesign all the other pages to conform to a consistent structure and style throughout the site.
Original homepage of their website before the redesign:
Homepage after the redesign:
Squarespace was used as a framework, but I also used Javascript to add some slideshows and an auto-scrolling sponsor banner in the footer, in addition to several custom CSS styling not supported by Squarespace as per the customer’s requests. The website can be viewed here, however please note that after the initial launch they have added new content (without the help of a designer) so the current website is not in the same state I left it and has inconsistent styles.